These are some of the concerns that Heather will work on as a representative of Nevada Assembly District 27.

Reproductive Rights: Heather supports access to the full range of reproductive care, including abortion, for all Nevadans. She supports protecting these rights by enshrining them in Nevada’s Constitution.
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Access to Healthcare: Drawing from her experience providing funding for breast cancer services for underserved Nevadans, Heather is committed to securing affordable and accessible healthcare for all, ensuring that no one faces the terrible choice between putting dinner on the table for their family and going to the doctor.

Affordable Housing: Advocating for safe, affordable housing, Heather will work towards creating communities where everyone can thrive, supporting programs that protect existing affordable housing and build accessible options.

Education: A strong advocate for equitable access to high-quality public education, Heather will fight to ensure that every child has the opportunity for a bright and successful future, she opposes diverting public school funding to private schools. With deep family connections to UNR, she believes in removing barriers to higher education so all Nevadans can get a college education.

Youth Advocacy: Heather’s dedication to Nevada’s youth is demonstrated through her successful advocacy for the Battle Born Youth ChalleNGe Academy, a program that provides at-risk youth and high school dropouts with academic opportunities and skills for academic success and workforce readiness.
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Sustainable Energy: With a background in energy program evaluation, Heather champions sustainable energy solutions for a healthier planet. She aims to implement sustainable energy policies in Nevada.

Election Protections: Committed to safeguarding democracy, Heather pledges to protect elections and voters from illegal efforts to disrupt the democratic process.

Local Issues: Heather understands residents’ concerns about pedestrian safety throughout the district and abandoned vehicles that plague Sun Valley specifically. Heather will help find solutions that require state and local governments to work together.

As your representative for Nevada Assembly District 27, Heather Goulding will work to find effective solutions to the problems and issues that are most important to District residents. We hope you will join Heather on the campaign trail.